Interdisciplinary Treatment


Many patients, especially adults often have dental needs that may require restorative care, treatment or management of the periodontium (gums and supporting structures) and enhancing esthetics in conjunction with braces. In such situations achieving an optimal esthetic and functional result requires the expertise of more than one clinician. In these cases we elect for collaborative approach that involves the patient’s general dentist and other specialists to develop and sequence a unified treatment plan to achieve the best possible result. This interdisciplinary approach to treatment is extremely effective for such complex cases where one specialist alone cannot deal with all aspects of the problem. As a patient you benefit from the combined expertise of many clinicians/ specialists working closely together to develop a blue print to guide your care.

We take pride in working closely with many world class clinicians to develop a plan that is ideal, realistic and economically feasible. This collaborative approach ensures that as a patient you receive the best possible care at every step of the treatment process. The team approach allows for more efficiency with a better, more stable and lasting treatment outcome.

At start of treatment

At end of orthodontic alignment

Front teeth restorations ready

Front teeth restorations cemented

Final result

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